1519 – Bottles, Reagent, Amber, Wide Mouth, Graduated, with Screw Cap and Pouring Ring


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– The high-quality glass allows the storage of sensitive reagents such as dairy products and serums.

– It can withstand temperatures up to 140°C.

– The bottles can be steam sterilized. But before sterilization, the bottles must be cleaned first and the screw cap must be loosened while sterilizing.

– The bottles can be stored in temperatures as low as -40°C and can be thawed by using a water bath.

– The sturdy ground neck of the bottle ensures better strength.

– The bottles have high chemical and mechanical resistance.

– A retrace code is printed on the bottle to allow easy identification.

– A plastic PP pouring ring is provided for convenient handling of the liquids.

– The plastic PP screw cap is autoclavable.

– The outer surface of the bottle is coated with amber and hence protects reagents form light of wavelengths 300 nm – 500 nm. Since the amber is only on the outer surface, it does not create any interference with the experiments. 

– Quality Certifications:

 – IS 1388 (Part II)

 – EN ISO 4796-1

Product Specifications:

Product name: Bottles, Reagent, Amber, Wide Mouth, Graduated, 10 ml

Catalogue number: 1519006

Volume capacity: 10 mL

Approximate dimensions: 36 * 50 (O.D. * Height mm)

Thread Specification: GL 25


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